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There's probably no one in Australia who will argue the innate coolness of custom hoodies, even when these are used as corporate giveaways. However you utilise your promotional hooded jumpers, when you have your logo embroidered on them, you're cool! Order online from Payless Promotions, and enjoy cheap discounted rates.

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Payless Promotions is the leading supplier of custom hoodies in Australia. If you see cool-looking men and women in stylish custom hooded jerseys in Sydney or Melbourne, there's a good likelihood they are wearing one of ours. Be on the lookout in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide too! Our customised clothing products are all over the country and for great reasons!

We don't ever compromise on the quality of all our promotional products. We know that our individual, team and corporate clients and prospective customers need embroidered hooded jumpers that look and feel great, and are durable enough to last for years. There's no other way to have it – even for our crew. If we're having our printed logo on anything, it has to be a premium quality products.

This is what you get with Payless Promotions. We are dedicated to quality in all aspects of our operations. You will see this reflected in the items you buy from us. While you enjoy cheap rates on bulk purchases, this does not mean we let our level of quality slip. Everything that comes out of a Payless Promotions warehouse is premium!

Purchase what you need from us online, through our web form. You may also call our hotline and speak with a customer service manager.